Winter Skincare Routine – 2019

I’ve never had a skincare routine in my life. 

Well, no, I had one in college, but I stopped then. 

So why am I starting now?

Well, it’s now, or never right?

Since I will be talking about skincare in this blog and understanding the importance of treating your skin with tender, love, and care, I decided to start a regimen or routine for my skin. 

Just know that I am not a pro with this skincare stuff, so I am learning along the way. 

Let me not digress, though.

So this post will be all about my winter skincare routine…

Or regimen…

Maybe I should call it regimen…

Well anyhoo, I am going to call it routine, since the title of my post is all about my winter skincare routine. 

Let’s get started. 

All of these products I bought are all from CVS pharmacy, my 2nd or 3rd favorite store to shop for beauties, trinkets, and things. As one of my Instafriend said, it’s like her second Target, and I agree. I love finding out new things there. 

Here are my products.

Biore Blue Agave + Baking Soda Pore Cleanser

If you checked out my Instagram feed here, you would’ve seen this product that I seriously recommend for women with combination skin. I saw this product on Adoredonnie’s blog and decided to buy one myself. 

Now I have a history of pimples coming here and there. I’ve used soap such as Dove and even other face cleansers (without proper research to whether my skin was oily, dry, or a combination) to rid of my pimples. 

Yall, none of them worked at ALL for me. It really sucked. 

Now, getting a pimple is not something I get dramatic about, but I don’t like pimples on my face, simple as that. 

So when I saw her blog post about the face cleanser, I decided to buy one, along with other products, that I’ll be mentioning. 

Along with the pore cleanser, I also bought an exfoliating brush, just to see if it would double the cleansing effect instead of just using my hands. 

Surprisingly, it does. 

First I wet my face. The face cleanser really lathers my skin quite well. I also feel the blue beads as I place the product around my skin and neck, so it can lather and bring about its foaming properties. 

Then, I use the exfoliating brush. It’s a bit hard on my skin when I brush it, but I kind of like it that way. I was taught that the harder the brush (or gloves), the cleaner your face will be. 

After a few seconds (approx 30-40 seconds), I wash my face (unless I take a shower), with warm water, then cool my skin with cold water, leaving my skin smooth and clean. I have seen a major difference in how I have been washing my face lately, especially when using cold and hot water. I use the hot/warm water to cleanse my skin, which opens my skin pores and cleanses out the dirt and oil. Then I use cold water to close my skin’s pores, giving my skin a smooth finish to the touch. 

CVS Pore Perfecting Toner

This is my first ever time using a toner but its mission is to condition your pores and remove dirt and oil before applying anything on your skin (I am literally reading this from the bottle yall). However, according to Cleure, it is most beneficial for acne-prone skin (I don’t get acne at all). Toners are also used after removing your make-up and before applying any moisturizers, giving your skin a good pH balance and a clean face.

I apply this product after washing my face with the face cleanser, to give my skin the maximum clean and pH balance my skin needs. To apply this product on skin, I use a cotton ball. 

Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot

This is something I just thought to pick up and try. After using it for a week or so, I have a seen bit of a change in my face. I usually use this daily before going to work, along with my moisturizer, and I am good to go. This product basically gives you a youthful look, lessen skin elasticity to give you a youthful look. 

I have always looked a bit younger than I should look, so maybe this product might not do much of a work, but I’m still going to be using it for the sake of trying and see the difference it has made in my skins weeks after. 

Applying it on my forehead, sides of my cheeks, my nose, and under my bottom lip, I smooth the product all over my face, especially around my eyes and forehead. It dries within seconds!

Simple Sensitive Skin Rich Moisturizer

I have seen a lot of influencers and beauty bloggers use this product, so I thought I give it a try. This product has given my skin a sting or two, but mostly because I really scrub my face to the point that it’s slightly red (around my nose). 

During the winter, my skin gets dry around my cheeks and mouth. So I usually use a lotion to keep my skin moisturized. However, I don’t have to use lotion around my face anymore. This product literally gives my skin the moisture it needs. 

It’s not oily at all. All I do is smooth around my face, and a few seconds, I’m done! It leaves my skin soft and smooth. 

Would These Products Be Bought Again?

I would say all, except for the Simple Moisturizer. However, instead of sensitivity, I would maybe get a normal or combination skin moisturizer. I may need to do more research on that.  

That’s all folks!

What is your Winter skincare routine?


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